On our first trip to Florence in 2009, our initial meeting with Francesco Casalini was one of good fortune (……….).  We were not sure whether we chose him or he chose us, but by the time we reached our hotel, we were certain we had found the guide we had been hoping for to show us the wonderful sights and venues of Florence.

Speaking excellent English, and at all times being reliable, polite and friendly, we soon felt very comfortable with him, so much so that when we decided to make a return trip to Florence in 2013, we were determined to acquire his services yet again.

Florence is a very special city but it needs the knowledge of an excellent guide to help you find your way around, purchase tickets to galleries, and explain the various wonderful features of these galleries.

Francesco’s knowledge of Florence is amazing and we learnt so much from him.  We have kept in touch with him and now consider him a friend.

Should we plan any further visits to Florence, the first thing we would do would be to see if Francesco was available to give us the dedicated help he has done in the past.